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Our History… Desert Cruise Travel, with a rich 39-year legacy, is your trusted partner for unforgettable travel experiences. We specialize in unique desert tours and safaris, sustainable eco lodges, efficient fleet and event management, reliable transportation services, and hassle-free flight ticketing and hotel reservations. We also offer classic tours across Egypt’s iconic landmarks. Our expertise spans the Sinai, Eastern, and Western deserts, and extends to the Gulf region, particularly Oman. We’re committed to delivering exceptional travel experiences, making us the preferred choice for travelers seeking adventure, comfort, and professionalism.

The vision of the company is to become one of the leading tourism companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). They aim to introduce a unique desert experience to their clients. Ultimately, they aspire to be recognized as the world’s most trusted and innovative travel management company. They envision a future where every journey with them becomes a cherished memory for their clients.

The company’s mission is to provide a unique travel experience for clients. They are dedicated to building strong and meaningful relationships with their business partners. Their focus is on helping clients and partners travel smartly and achieve happiness.

Why Us

Experience and Expertise: With 39 years in the safari and tourism industry, we’ve mastered the art of delivering unique and luxurious travel experiences. Our track record includes 45,000 successful trips and 400,000 satisfied clients from 30 different nationalities.

Quality and Excellence: Our commitment to excellence is evident in our use of state-of-the-art equipment, premium tents, top-notch 4X4 cruisers, and exquisite cuisine. Our hospitality team, often composed of locals, is highly trained and dedicated to immersing clients in the customs and culture of desert living.

Transportation Services: We offer professional transportation services to ensure seamless and comfortable journeys for our clients. Our fleet is modern, well-maintained, and operated by skilled drivers who prioritize safety and efficiency.

Customized Trips: We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor trips to meet specific customer needs. This personalized approach is complemented by competitive pricing, various payment channels, and flexible programs.

Global Reach: We’ve served clients from 30 different nationalities, demonstrating our global appeal and commitment to diversity.

Unparalleled Dedication: Our dedication to delivering exceptional safari, tourism, and transportation services, as well as hotel reservations, is unparalleled. We stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients.

The Man Behind The Story - Marzouk

Egyptian Desert Ranger, with 39 years of experience
1st to pave the way for the Safari industry in Egypt since 1985.

Opened the door for Sinai, Eastern & Western Deserts

Designed the Route Book for the Paris-Dakar Rally

Consulted by the Italian team who designed the Route Book for Rally of the Pharaohs

In 1993 he was honored to have a documentary made about him and his unique experience of the desert by SBS, the Australian TV station

“A nature-themed hotel – says Marzouk – is the ideal way to add sustainability to the tourism industry”

Believing in this concept through changing the concept of the architecture used to build hotels moving to a more nature-themed one, Marzouk succeeded to have a real-life implementation on his project near Lake Qaroun. Not stopping in Egypt Marzouk moved to Oman expanding his concept and creating (Nature Hotels)

Mohamed Marzouk:
Founder and CEO of Desert Cruise Travel Egypt & Oman